The King of car washing

The journey to the top

A Sun Newspaper exclusive reports that a British man has become one of the world’s top car cleaners, after previously being homeless!  Since deciding to wash SuperCars, Brian Hunt now charges up to £6,000 for a single wash.

On his journey to the top Brian has worked for Ferrari, Maclaren, and Aston Martin, travelling to Paris, Germany, Holland, and Dubai along the way to clean cars.  He has been so successful he is now able to charge up to £6,000 for a single wash.    

Lessons along the way

Brian’s journey began in unremarkable fashion, cleaning cars for regular clients in a local car wash. He then had a stroke of good fortune when someone recommended him to a Ferrari Garage.  Since then he has never looked back, learning quite a few lessons along the way. 

Commenting on how he has been able to grow his business he said “The best recommendation is by word of mouth and the supercar community is pretty small – and lots of them have yachts too, so it’s a natural move.

A Labour of Love

Brian says that he’s not been able to get rich “because the products and materials account for a lot of the cost”.  He does confess to it being a labour of love “I never thought I would make such a comfortable living from washing cars. I love it.”

A typical supercar wash requires a 2hr snow foam safe wash, followed by a 2-3-day polish, before applying paint protection film and ceramic coating to prevent damage.

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