Car Washes – The Naked Truth

Making a splash

A young man recently hit the headlines in Queensland, Australia when he decided to shower naked in a car wash.  As well as going viral on social media the incident, which was recorded on CCTV, was also reported in newspapers around the world.  

Unfortunately, the chemicals in the wash caused an instant burning reaction and he was soon seen jumping around, tearing at his skin and clearly in some pain  

Luckily one of his “mates” came to the rescue, hosing him down in one of the self-service bays.  The lad eventually made his escape with his skin mostly intact but with a significant dent in his pride. 

The car wash owner later admitted that although he had initially been concerned that the cleaning chemicals could have caused more serious burns, he was eventually able to see the funny side of things. 

The burning issue  

Whilst obviously a light-hearted story it does again raise the serious issue regarding the use of chemicals in car washes.  It’s a well-known fact that cleaning agents can cause chemical burns to workers, while untreated wash water can cause a toxic impact on both animal and plant life.

It’s a timely reminder that the chemicals used every day in the car wash industry have the potential to harm people as well as the planet.   

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